Daniel Arapkuliev is another lecturer who will demonstrate new ways to reshape the origami of innovative ideas in our heads this weekend in the #StartUpcon17! He as a MA degree in Management of Technology and Innovation from the
Dauphine University in Paris. His career began as a Junior Business Consultant at Alcatel-Lucent. Daniel has been participating in a French startup company in the field of digital communications for 4 years. Later, as a Client Service Manager, he facilitated an Italian email marketing company’s penetration of the French market. In 2014, he came back to Bulgaria to work as a Business Operations Manager in the local branch of the French IT company Proxiad Bulgaria. Danail describes himself as an active, creative and proactive person, who always thrives to be positive and smiling. “There are no problems, just solutions”, his motto says. Join us on Saturday to meet all the amazing participants and hear their stories!

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