The time has come for StartUP@Blagoevgrad to fire its first and biggest event this autumn – the StartUP Weekend. The entrepreneurial event will turn into a three-day long competition, in which bright participants from all over the country will gather in teams to develop the most successful business idea with the help of our experienced mentors. The winners will receive special prizes, support and advice from our carefully selected jury and advisers. Our goal is to incite your creativity and give you the opportunity to get involved in the biggest collision of ideas!
The battle for innovation will be held from 10 November to 12 November and will take place in the ABF Sports Hall!
Take the chance and #StartUpRoar!

Friday – 10 November 2017
18:30: Arrival and registration
19:00: Dinner and communication
– possibility to exchange ideas and become acquainted with the other participants
19:20: Reception and announcement
– explanation of the program for the StartUP Weekend and announcement of the public speakers, mentors and leaders
19:30: A short presentation of ideas
21:00: Voting
– the participants choose the best ideas
21:15: Team formation
– the teams begin to compose and discuss ideas
22:00: Start of the work process
– the teams discuss the business proposals and the necessary resources and means;
– a possibility to prolong the work process during the night.
Saturday – 11 November 2017
09:00: Breakfast and coffee
09:30: Start of the work process
– the teams develop ideas and business proposals
12:00 pm – 13:30: Lunch
An up to date report for the work process advancement; a possibility for help if necessary
14:00: Meetings with the mentors – they help the teams one by one
18:30: Dinner
19:30: An up to date report for the work process advancement; a possibility for help if necessary
22:00: Conclusion
– an end to the activities for the day – the teams may continue their activity during the night.

Sunday – 12 November 2017
9:00: Breakfast and coffee
10:00: Meetings with the mentors
– the teams have the opportunity to ask their questions
12:00 – 13:30 pm: Snack time
12:30: Meetings with the mentors
– a last chance for the participants to ask their questions
15:00: Preparation for the presentations
– the teams must spare enough time to prepare their presentations and to examine the equipment they will use
18:00: Final presentations
19:30: Team evaluation by the jury, the winners are selected and awarded
20:30: Conclusion
21:00: The end

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