StartUP@Blagoevgrad Conference


The StartUP@Blagoevgrad Conference is an annual event that gathers young enthusiasts, successful entrepreneurs, business angels and coaches. It is a forum that brings together people with ideas, or others searching for inspiration, and those who already went up the stairs to a successful business. The conference is a two-day event where the guest lecturers share their valuable experience and philosophy on how business is done. Up to this moment the StartUP@Blagoevgrad team has organized three consequent conferences. Each year more and more people are getting engaged – 2012 – 140 people; 2013 – 180 people; 2014 – 240 people; 2015 – 300 people; for the future we expect and plan the conference to be attended by 300+ people. We are constantly working on improving every element of the conference and make it a pleasant venue for business oriented people to interact with each other and share experience. This year’s conference is going to take place on 26-27 March, 2016 in ABF Student Center at the American University in Bulgaria.

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The StartUP Weekend event challenges your creativity, your ability to work under pressure, and your motivation to start a company in 54 hours! You have the chance to start a business from scratch with team members you probably meet for the first time! You have a weekend time to prepare your idea with the help of professional mentors. In Sunday afternoon you will pitch your idea in front of a jury of investors and entrepreneurs and compete for super cool prizes! We brought this event to you under the license of the global StartUP Foundation. The StartUP Weekend is a world-famous event that’s been organized all around the world to inspire and motivate people to dare to dream and turn their dreams to reality!
The battle for innovation will be held from 10 November to 12 November and will take place in the ABF Sports Hall! Take the chance and #StartUpRoar!


Aspire chat session

Open Coffees are the nicest way to learn something new from a professional by engaging in a cozy, even call it intimate conversation about the newest trends in business! We gather together for something we would hate to define as a lecture because, let’s face it, it sounds boring. And Open Coffees are far from boring! We talk, we joke, we have fun, and drink coffee, while having the great opportunity to broaden our knowledge on different aspects of business.